New year, new me


The New Year has just come and people left and right are making New Year’s Resolutions. This common custom around the world has been going on for a very long time, and is used by most people to change their lifestyles or bad habits of the previous year. While some believe that making a resolution is the best way to better their life. Waiting until a new year to change yourself is not necessary seeing that change can be made at anytime, and if someone is unwilling to change something about themselves that they don’t like then it is not likely that they will be able to change at all.

Tons of people make New Year’s Resolutions that range from going to the gym, eating healthy, or being a nicer person. These are all good goals but if there is a true want to do these things then do them for yourself and not just because the Earth made another revolution around the sun. Besides, those people who do make New Year’s Resolutions may stick with them for a few weeks or perhaps even months, but more often than not people give up and go back to their old habits of sitting on the couch, eating potato chips and watching television. Some people who make New Year’s resolutions every year and stick with them throughout the entire year are a rarity; since most people tend to be lazy and stop doing things that will, in the end, better themselves. People who make resolutions and encourage others to do so as well are just wasting time. Resolutions can be made at anytime throughout the year and shouldn’t be pushed back until another year starts.

If one wants to change their lifestyle they shouldn’t wait, just do it.  The wait will only make you want to keep doing what you are doing without change, and when the New Year comes there is a very small chance that this big change in your life will stick. Starting to work out, eat healthier, or be nicer isn’t something anyone can learn overnight, it is something that must be eased into overtime.