Back-to-School Fashion


Red, orange, and yellow leaves fall from trees as the air gets colder and crisper, the first signs of autumn. That means the time of back to school. The time of tests, homecoming, and seeing friends again after the long summer. However, the most important moment in life is the stress of the back to school look on the first day; the hair, clothes and accessories areall important parts of the first day look

Fashion is all about being comfortable with what one likes as a person, the feeling of walking into a room all eyes are on that killer outfit. Now the Bearchat is here to give you some helpful tips on back-to-school fashion for 2014.

“Lately, it has been a little bit preppy but it has always been really girly and frilly,” said junior Amanda Wilson.

Wilson makes a charming impression of a girly, flirty, and a twist of grunge in her style. Following some of the most important rules of the fall fashion of this year makes Wilson one of the many fashion gurus of the school.

“My style is 90’s with a soft grunge, ghetto goth, and model off duty.” said senior Christopher Nettles.

For guys, dressing right gets tricky. Fall comes too fast from summer especially since the weather in Texas is always unpredictable. It’s too warm for fleece, and shorts just don’t feel right in school. A light denim jacket is one clothing item perfect for a casual school day. A way to give a classic take on a favorite school outfit is to put on a blue blazer. This will give a dashing look to an everyday outfit. An oxford button-down shirt is utterly reasonless, so it’s a perfect back-to-school shirt. This statement piece doesn’t need the traditional trappings anymore – the plaid shirt, faded Wranglers, or the cowboy boots. The modern thing is to run away from those old trends and start to invest in these new trends for fall.

“With me I don’t really follow trends, but if there is a trend I can follow as a way to express myself, I’ll do it,” says Wilson.

The romantic grunge is an edgy 90’s trend with a feminine twist of floral prints or flirty shapes that make a charming impression on anyone. Plaid is a main trend this year. This classic trend needs an update; the best way is to try plaids that are in pastels, flirty sheers, or mixed with other prints to give it a whole new take. The girly sporty trend is the best way to be comfortable and adorable at the same time, with an athletic inspired style that consist of shiny fabrics and bold, new fabrics.

Take these trends and make them into something new. Fashion trends are just there to help give you an idea of what to wear, but fashion also makes something unique and individual in every way possible.