Hidden Figures five star takeoff

William Johnson, Staff Writer


Hidden Figures is about the unknown African American involvement in the space program in Virginia during the early 1960s. Due to all the racial tension during the early 1960s around the civil rights movements the African American advancement was moving very slow. The three main women who had the most involvement with the launch, land and orbit into space were Katherine Johnson played by Taraji P Henson, Dorothy Vaughn played by Octavia Spencer and Mary Jackson played by Janelle Mone. All dealing with segregation laws and racial slanders still managed to have hope and determination to do what need to be done for human races advancement.

Katherine Johnson was extraordinary with any numbers thrown in front of her, she worked on equations that help guide the launch, orbit and the landing coordinates. Dorothy Vaughn took supervisor responsibilities without the required pay. Even though Dorothy wasn’t offered the position she showed determination in her work, and superior leadership qualities when working with her team. Mary Jackson, a very intelligent and dedicated person, was one of the best aerospace engineers on her team. She was relocated from the segregated west area computer division to help the development of project Mercury during the space race, not officially being qualified for the engineer position Mary had to take grade school level math and physics at the all-white Hampton High School, for which she had to get a court order to be enrolled for/in the required courses. Due to all the complications that stood in their path these women always seemed to overcome the obstacles and surpass the expectations of their preferably racially oriented white co-workers.

All in all, the film to me stood for hope and to never give up no matter what someone says that may or may not think that they are better than you. The film had great acting and a very believable atmosphere. The actors give the film a very authentic look and feel for that time period, leaving an emotional impact on viewers with a powerful message, also giving knowledge on some important happenings in American history. I give Hidden Figures five out of five stars for being one of the most powerful and motivating films I’ve seen so far.