Best Summer Memories


Fall of 2018 marked a new school year for many students. Another year of learning begins to take place, forcing both students and teachers to say goodbye to summer. Although some look forward to the new academic year, there are many that wish for summers’ return as it can be used for people to apply their hobbies, find new interests, or create memories.

“I liked going to the zoo with my family. I remember that really clearly because my mom’s chancla broke,” senior Emelin Guzman said.

Summers also offers time with loved ones.

“Going to California with my sister,” senior Melissa Escobar said.

Traveling is a popular summer activity for most people, but not everyone can just get up and leave.

“I want to travel more. I feel like I get bored just staying in one place,” Guzman said.

Time away from school is enjoyed by many, but some don’t always feel that way.

“Working. I get more hours in my schedule and I don’t really have time to hang out with my friends,” Guzman said.

Complaints surrounding summer vacation can vary for everyone.

“I hate when it ends, having to go back to school,” Escobar said.

While students enjoy their time off, teachers do as well.

“I like summer because summer is my time of somedays, like how you always say, ‘someday I’m going to plant my garden’ or ‘someday I’m going to take a trip to the west coast’…so I look forward to summer to be on my somedays,” said English teacher Sally Lane.

Teachers enjoy their time away from work the same way students get away from school.

“The first summer that I actually took off, I didn’t teach summer school. I think I just felt like myself again and it felt really good to have some time to myself,” Lane said.

Summer is shared by many but the age gap between students and faculty causes them to spend their time differently.

“I love sleeping. It’s my hobby,” Guzman said.

A lot of students choose to favor sleep as an excuse to stay in bed as well.

“Best thing about summer is not having to wake up early,” Escobar said.

Everyone does things differently, but some adults feel students don’t make good use of their time.

“Some students don’t realize the opportunity they have to do or try new things,” Lane said.