So You Think You Can Dance Gets Cancelled


Jennifer Cruz

Last year, Carla Lujan won the first So You Think You Can Dance. This year, the program was canceled due to lack of interest.


Different events take place every year, and some turn out more successful than others. In this case the scheduled ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ contest, that was meant to take place on November 29th, was suddenly cancelled. Reasons surrounding this shocking announcement surprised not only potential participants, but members of the drama department as well.

The start of this annual event began for the first-time last year. The contest was used as a way to support the drama department and had succeeded in doing so. Unfortunately, this year seems to be a different story, beginning with the reason for its cancellation.

“I looked at the list for who had signed up to audition and we only had two for So You Think You Can Dance and five for Klein Idol, the singing contest,” contest sponsor Jason Bradshaw said.

The number of participants directly affected the magnitude of the event and the numbers weren’t meeting the expectations.

“It just wasn’t enough,” Bradshaw said. “We were going to give the top three cash prizes, so we needed enough people involved so that we would have a big enough audience.”

Different preparations were taken to bring awareness to the event in the hopes of getting more to participate.

“We had announcements for the audition on the PA, and on the televisions around the school, which were running for over a week before the auditions were supposed to start,” Bradshaw said. “The information was also available in Schoology.”

Potential participants were disappointed with the cancellation, since there were some who had to prepare for the event.

“We had practiced for a whole week since we were determined to do well in the audition,” senior Dominique Wilburn said.

Other participants expressed the same disappointment.

“We had to meet in the morning for dance practice, and then we also stayed after school to practice for three hours,”senior Yen Tran said. “It ended up being a huge waste of time, because we practiced for nothing.”

Students even believe something should be done to replace the cancelled dance contest.

“Some people practiced really hard, so yeah, they should have another event. It should be a skill and contest show,”Wilburn said. “That would be fun.”

A similar opinion was expresses by another student.

“They should have a regular show everyone can come to,” Tran said.

Although this years’ ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ contest was cancelled along with Klein Idol, the drama department is hopeful and determined that the same event turns out for the better next year.

“I was really surprised considering how much people seemed to enjoy it last year. I thought there would be a bigger response,” Bradshaw said. “I’m going to look at trying to do it again next year and I’ll have to think of more ways to get people excited to audition.”