Bird Box Takes Over the Media

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On Dec.13 a Netflix original came out starring Sandra Bullock that had everyone hyped and overwhelmed.

Bird Box was a top watched movie within a week having a total of 45 million views.

During Christmas break, the Netflix original had a huge blow up over the Internet, which caused plenty of views. Everyone was talking about this new movie Bird Box on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. There were memes everywhere and people were also making challenges.

It was a very interesting movie, you had parts where you just wanted to go crazy and scream.

The movie is basically about something that’s in the air and if they look at it whatever it is will make you go crazy, and They were all trapped and as time went by, it was still going on for years, and they survived it by being stuck in the house or the ones who were brave actually left out and trained themselves to actually walk with their eyes closed.

Some of the people said they didn’t like the movie because it was boring and overrated because the Internet hyped it up with the memes and previews. They also said that they copied off a movie that was made in 2008 called The Happening.

The great thing about the movie is there is a lot of pop ups and things you wouldn’t recognize and some of the things you wouldn’t even guess about to happen.

It would be a great movie for someone to watch with their friends for a movie night or with their significant other.

It’s not scary or anything how everyone labels it, It’s just crazy and sad at the same time. Some parts of the movie make you get sad because some of the things that happened.

Personally the movie should have been in the theatres because of how good it was, Watching Bird Box in a movie theatre would be the best because it would really look great on a huge screen and really loud. It probably would have made twice the money it made because everyone doesn’t have Netflix.

I recommend to the ones who haven’t watched it to watch it because it would really make you want to watch it everyday no matter how many times you have seen it.

You might even see one of your favorite actors as in John Malkovich who played Lenny in Of Mice and Men he was the man everyone was ignoring him, and MGK a famous rapper was the character that wasn’t listening but everyone had so much faith into him until he turned his back on him, Lil Rel Howery a big time comedian was scary but he knew everything about what was going on but everyone doubting him.

Bird Box was the movie of the year and the best movie to end the year of 2018.

Mostly every teen has watched this movie, if you haven’t I recommend you to watch it because its worth the talk and also you can join into conversations and talk about the movie with others.