Want to Hang?

Bearkats share their favorite places to meet up with friends outside of school


Augusto Moreno-Morales

Bearkats mingle and drink coffeewith friends at Starbucks after school.


When they aren’t working away in classrooms, Klein High students are able to socialize, study, and create memories together at many different spots to hang out. Surrounding Klein High areas students are welcomed into places like Moo House Cafe, Starbucks, Panera Bread, Toki, and Zero Degrees. These places are guaranteed to bring good times with friends. 

Moo House Cafe, a little boba drink shop across the street from Klein, has brought a calm atmosphere to many Bearkats.

“I really like the environment [at Moo House Cafe]. It’s really friendly and the employees are super nice,” junior Zoe Wadsworth said.

Moo House might have a friendly environment, but whenever you need a quiet atmosphere, like Panera Bread, or something more flavorful like Toki, these might be students next stop

“A lot of the time if we’re studying for a test, we’ll go to Panera Bread.” senior Marissa Coveler said. “There’s also a place called ‘Toki’, it’s a sushi restaurant off of Louetta, we go there sometimes just to eat after school. The spicy chicken ramen is what I get and it’s dangerous. I’m not going to say anymore, but it’s dangerous.”

Sometimes a dangerous spice can be too much, and something to cool you down might be found in places like Starbucks, Zero Degrees, and even Moo House Cafe will give you refreshing beverages. 

“I go to Starbucks on days before I teach 5th graders on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 5th-grade strings,” said [grade] Jeffrey Shaffer. “After that, I’ll go out with my chamber friends because we have rehearsals from 6-8:30  late at night on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, we’ll go out to eat, mainly to zero degrees, or we’ll go to moo house if we don’t have enough time.” 

Regardless of where students decide to meet up, they’re always looking for the joy and memories to create. 

“We will always try to make the best out of it. [We always] just have good laughs and fun times.”