JV Lady Bearkat Soccer Team Introduces New Head Coach


Economics teacher and 2006 Klein alumni Adam Cocke continues his coaching career as head coach of JV girl’s soccer. He is also the head coach of freshman volleyball. Photo take by Sierra Schuman.


The girl’s junior varsity soccer season debuted with a 5-1 record as well as a new coach: Economics teacher and Klein alumni Adam Cocke.

“It feels great to be back,” Cocke said. “It was always a dream of mine to return to Klein. It definitely feels different because of the new building, but the spirit of Klein has not changed, and that is what I felt was so special when I was here as a student.”

Since graduating in 2006, Cocke coached freshman volleyball, boy’s JV soccer, and girl’s JV soccer at Waco’s University High School for two years, starting the tennis program in his third year before coming to the freshman volleyball team and girl’s JV soccer team of his alma mater.

Throughout his time at Klein, he played football for two years before switching to tennis for his junior and senior year, the latter of which he was a Standleader. It was also where he discovered his calling.

“I wouldn’t say any particular person influenced me to become a coach. My passion to work with students is what drove me,” Cocke said. “I knew from early in my high school career that I always wanted to work with students in some capacity, whether through education or student ministry.”

He intends to use his experiences as a former student to not only teach his athletes about character and integrity, but also set a high bar for their own sports careers.

“I expect for my athletes to take care of their business off the field and on the field. They need to be outstanding students in the classroom and be role models to others around them,” Cocke said. “When they are a part of the Klein soccer program, they are not only representing Klein: they are representing their coaches, their families, and themselves. We expect these girls to make the right choices.

“As for the JV team, our goal is for them to improve,” he continued. “Ultimately, they would all like to be on the Varsity team; that’s what all JV players should strive for. Improvement is key for these girls so they can work their way onto the team.”

In addition, Cocke plans to instill the value of teamwork and cooperation within the girls so as to not rely on just talent.

“I always want to learn more on what I could do better for my athletes. I learn more and more each year that I am coaching,” he said. “I want the team to learn how to work together and give 100 percent effort. Teams with lesser talent beat teams with greater talent by giving more effort. We have talent on this team, but talent can only take a team so far. Learning to trust one another and work together as a team is what can take a talented team far.”