KHS Financial Secretary Retires After 26 Years


Klein’s financial secretary, Penny Harris, retired after 26 years of working at Klein High School. Her last official day of working at Klein was Monday, August 31, 2015.

“Penny was a dedicated employee of Klein High School for 26 years,” Harris’ coworkers, Deb Betts and Paula Tasin, said. “She had a tremendous impact on the campus, and she will be missed.”

Harris originally worked as an aide and then a receptionist and was eventually moved to the position of financial secretary. As the financial secretary, all of the money that goes through Klein goes to her. She collects the money from fundraisers and any other source of income, as well as paying all the bills.

“I like detailed work,” Harris said, “I like working by myself. Some people find this boring, when you just keep adding figures over and over again, but that’s the kind of work that I like. I had no idea I would be here this long. I hadn’t even thought about it when I came; I had no idea that it would be 26 years here.”

At age 73, Harris is retiring mainly because of health issues and poor eyesight. She’s also had to commute from Spring Branch, a good 45 minutes from school, and she wants to spend more time with her grandchildren.

“It’s just the right time,” Harris said, “You know when it’s the right time.”