District names new high school


Klein Cain

Surina Mistry, Staff Writer

Klein Cain
Klein Cain under construction

With the growing size of the Klein, Texas area, the district will open a new school next fall. The name, Klein Cain, comes from the recently retired, superintendent, Dr. Jim Cain. The district recently announced the new mascot will be the Hurricanes and the school colors will be purple, white, and silver.

“I think it’s pretty awesome that we get to have a new school” freshman, Jeffery Wright, said. “I will be able to be the first graduating class that goes there.”

Most people are taking a liking to the new school, even if they are not attending the new school.

“They’re squeezing too many peas into one pod” and “creating a new school will decrease our overpopulation.” Senior, DaShaun Hubbard said. “Yes, I would’ve liked to go because I would’ve liked to see the environment of the new school, but also no I would not want to go because of the friends I would leave.”

Along with the student responses, the principal, Nicole Patin, is also excited for the future, Klein Cain.

“I really want to make sure that the students who end up at Klein Cain are excited that they are there,” principal, Nicole Patin said. “I want Klein Cain to be a fun place to come to every day and also be a place where everyone (administrators, teachers, staff and students) are challenged to take risks and be creative with their own learning experiences.”

On another note, the construction of the new school is being compared to Klein’s reconstruction two years ago.

“It doesn’t remind me of the construction because when we were here, we would actually have to go through the construction to get to some of our classes and at the new school it’s going to be already built and ready by the time they get there, so I think the construction environment would be different,” Hubbard said.

While some may speculate that the school will be an easy transition, some kids will be walking in blind. The students will not know what to expect.

“I am a little scared to go to the new school because nobody really knows the environment of the school,” Wright said.

With that being said, the students will have the opportunity to facilitate new traditions. The students will be the founders and the representatives for the school’s mascot and school colors.

“I would like to keep the traditional and seasonal hype of the football games,” Wright said.

Patin, also agreed to creating new traditions.

“I want to make sure that all of my students get the same opportunities that students at the other four high schools do.  We just have the amazing opportunity to put our own ‘Cain Twist’ on things,” she said. “I am looking forward to working with my 9th & 10th graders next year to help me figure out what Klein Cain is about.  They will be my leaders for the next several years, so I think it is important to get them as involved in the process as possible.”

Ultimately, in the end, the Klein Independent School District will benefit from a new and improved structure that will allow students to have an optimal education and a conducive learning environment, such as more space for new facilities.

“I think that building a new high school is a great thing for Klein ISD.  It allows our community to grow and our students to receive a really great high school experience,” Patin said.