Drumline Takes Home A Win

Jenna Elahmad

Drumline stands next to 6 foot tall Grand Champion award.

On September 30, Drumline performed the 2017 marching band show, Uncharted at the Tomball Drums of Fall competition. Competing against four other schools, they won Best Snare Line Caption, Best Cymbal Line Caption, First Place and Grand Champions.

“Initially we were surprised, however, we had a little bit of a feeling that it was possible because that morning everything just kind of clicked in a way it doesn’t always on a daily basis,” Percussion Director Bill Holden said. “But then there was a certain point in the day where it was like oh wow things are really coming together.”

When it comes down to hours of practice, every percussionist is offered the chance to contribute to their overall achievements.

“There’s a lot that gets done and sometimes they aren’t necessarily sure why they have to do certain drills or exercises and then eventually it becomes clear why we do it and then all of a sudden we are better at something, so their willingness to work and be consistent about it gets them those results,” Holden said.

Hours of dedication and hard work not only led to their success, but allowed students to gain a sense of responsibility and become exemplary and appreciative.  

“I love band because it teaches you how to be disciplined, time management skills, how to have respect for others and be kind to them even when you don’t want to be,” junior Allison Ramirez said.

Each percussionist adds a unique quality and special talent to the entire band.  

“I think I bring a lot of love and laughter to band,” Ramirez said. “We are all one crazy family and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.”