Bearkats at the Jamboree


During Homecoming week, on October 6, the school hosted its 3rd annual jamboree. The tradition started in fall of 2015.

“The Jamboree was a lot of fun, everyone seemed gracious and excited to go from booth to booth,” senior Genesis Carrasquillo said.

Some of the clubs that participated in the jamboree also had games that they arranged for the students to participate in.

“This year’s Jamboree was better, there was a lot of music and people were dancing and a lot of people were outside and so energetic,” senior Bess Mejia said.

Many students bought tickets and headed to the Jamboree during their lunch time to get food and play games.

“My favorite part of the Jamboree was all the different foods that you could get,” junior Jared Mcgee said.

Students enjoyed their food while playing games and hanging out with their friends.

“I hope they continue to do the jamboree next year, because it’s really fun and everyone waits for that time of the year,” Mejia said.

The Jamboree was also beneficial to the community.

“All the proceeds went to Hurricane Harvey relief,” Carrasquillo said.