Daniel Granados Balances Work and School Life


Daniel Granados

Carson Lane, Sports Editor


Senior Daniel Granados is not a typical teenager. Daniel has to pay multiple utility bills and work multiple jobs, but it has not stopped him from studying and working hard in school.

Lesly Castellanos nominated Granados for the student spotlight because she said he has displayed the Klein 5 core value of perseverance. Since moving from El Salvador, Daniel has had to adjust to a new language, improve his English, and survive largely on his own while still keeping his grades up

“Daniel has had to overcome all kind of obstacles and has never given up on his dream of graduating from KHS,” Castellanos said.

Daniel has been an inspiration to many, including Castellanos.

“His ability to overcome hardships in a new country, having to learn a new language, and blend in a new culture has been an inspiration,” Castellanos said.

In school, Daniel is described as quiet, polite and hardworking. Daniel is not your typical teenager, but there are many lessons that could be learned from him.

“When I think of Daniel, I think of courage, strength, hope and optimism,” Castellanos said.