Generations Celebrate Klein 80th Anniversary


From alumni to future freshman Bearkats, students created never-ending traditions to be  passed down from generation to generation.

Reminiscing her days as a high school student, English teacher Sally Lane recalled the start of heated rivalries against the Spring High Lions during pep rallies.

“My favorite pep rally was the one before the Spring High School game, someone would dress up as a Gumby type character (all green) and the mascot or players would participate in a skit defeating the spring weenies,” Lane said.

In addition, past Bearkats lived for senior year to participate in the infamous tradition of the conga line.

“Only the seniors would form a conga line and do the bunny-hop winding across the gym floor as the band played the music,” Lane said.

Back in the days, the great tradition of pep rally skits brought memorable laughs and high spirits to the stands.

“At the Homecoming pep rally, our beloved principal, the late Hap Harrington, always took a pie in the face from the head cheerleader,” Lane said. “It was tradition and we loved it, we should bring it back to Klein.”

Established in 1968, Bearkadettes began the traditional Father-Daughter dance routine each year under the stadium lights.

“Every year we pick a different theme. This year we decided to do 60s theme for the Bearkadettes 50th anniversary,” Bearkadette coach Katherine Dean said.

Along with the memorable experience, the Bearkadettes got to teach and practice with their fathers or uncles to perform a crowd pleasing routine.

“I think the father and daughter dance is a very good way to bond with your father,” junior Bearkadette Gracie Acevedo said.

Every Homecoming game during the halftime show the Bearkadettes performed Hooray for Hollywood to pump up students attending the Homecoming dance.

‘“Hooray for Hollywood was a kick routine created in the early 2000s and became a  Homecoming traditional dance that the Bearkadettes are very prideful about,” Dean said. “It gives them something to work hard for and look forward to each year.”

Things have changed throughout the years, but one thing that always remains is the Bearkat spirit.

“The father and daughter dance is good way to bring the dads into the organization and is a great way for Bearkadettes to have something one on one with our fathers,”  Acevedo said.