New Finals Schedule FAQs

April 19, 2018

A new finals schedule and finals exemptions policy was introduced this year, and has provoked a lot of questions as to how it will all work since it is so different from last year. We asked a just few of those questions to Associate Principal Johnny Hayes.

Why was there a need to change the Finals schedule to begin with?

“The reason the district changed the way we do exemptions is because as a district, as a whole, we’re taking a hit on attendance in comparison to other districts. The exemptions policy, I guess was too lax and that’s how the district receives money, through attendance.”

Will teacher get charts saying who is exempt?

“Yes they will, but instead of coming from me like it usually does, it’ll come from the district since we switched to Skyward, it will be a different list because of how we do exemptions now.”

If I’m right at six absences, do I have to show up?

“Yes, if not showing up the day of the exam will be your 7th absence then you must still be present but you won’t have to take the exam, if you fail to show up then you will receive a 0 for that exam.”

If the day my class took the exam already passed, do I have to still go?

“The schedule is planned out to where after you have the exam you won’t have to go back, so that won’t be an issue.”

How many absences can you have and still be exempt?

“A total of six, if it’s a year course, and three if it’s a semester course.”

What other requirements are needed to be exempt?

“No ISS assignment, no OSS, or DAP or anything like that. Also, for a year course you must be passing for the first semester so a 70, and for the second semester an 80. The conduct for all classes must NOT be a U or P, if you have a U or P in any class you have to take that final.”

What absences count against you for exemption?

“Basically, that’s the same from last year, they all count against you unless it was for a religious activity with a maximum of three days, death in the family, or school activity.”

Finals for seniors will be May 24 – May 29. All other students will have their finalsĀ  May 25 – May 31. The schedule can be found here.

For the full checklist of whether or not you are exempt click here.


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