Infinity War Spoiler Talk

Carson Lane and Fatima Syed


Infinity War Spoiler Talk

Spoilers, obviously. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, come on man.

Infinity War is over and has left many (including us) unsure how to feel in its wake. Although the movie was excellent, it’s hard to know how much any of it means, and how to process it. With ample time to think it over, these are 10 takeaways from Infinity War, and looking into the future of the MCU.

1)  Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel will probably only provide tiny hints to Avengers 4.

Carson Lane: It would be a little awkward to have Ant-Man and the Wasp take place in the wake of Thanos’ mass genocide, and the trailers seem to confirm that it takes place before the events of Infinity War. Honestly, the happy go lucky attitude of Ant-Man may be just what we need to come down from half the universe dying. What are your predictions Fatima?

Fatima Syed: I completely agree, Captain Marvel will be set in the 90’s therefore will not have any details for Infinity war. Hopefully Ant-man and the Wasp will at least give us a post credits scene with Cap popping in and asking for help.

Ant-Man and the Wasp coming July 6th

2)  Thor is officially the coolest Avenger!

        C: Wow, what a difference a year makes. Before the release of Thor: Ragnarok, Thor was the black sheep of the MCU; his movies were generally regarded as the worst of the marvel universe. In six months, Thor has become one of the funniest, complex, and emotionally satisfying heroes. His two movie stretch in Ragnarok and Infinity War is quite possibly the greatest 2 movies stretch for any superhero, period.

F: Thor has honestly had one of the biggest glo-ups character-wise. His first two movies were terribly unmemorable. But as soon as Thor cut his hair, he immediately became cooler? Coincidence? I think not.

Thor is hot

3)  Defending Peter Quill.

F: I will not lie, I love Peter Quill. However, he is most definitely to blame for Thanos getting away. Yes, Gamora had just died and he was incredibly emotional but that does not mean that it was not his fault. He is a hero and he should’ve put his emotions to the side and dealt with the matter at hand. Technically speaking, Peter Quill is directly responsible for half of the universe’s population disappearing.

C: Listen here. Technically, everything you’re saying is true, but I love Chris Pratt. He is a giant teddy bear and I will defend him to death. Star-Lord had just gone through the death of the one person he loved the most after they finally(?) kissed after he had been in love with her for over three years. To have her die almost immediately after would be heartbreaking to anyone, especially Peter “king of parent issues” Quill. Dealing with in-laws is the worst. Rest in peace Peter Quill.

How could you hate this cuddly bear?

4) Spider Man is the future of the MCU.

        F: Everyone knows that this is true, and all Infinity War has done is prove that Tom Holland is definitely ready to deliver. He improvised Spider-man’s death scene and left us all in tears. This is the version of spider-man that we have always wanted. Honestly, at this point I’m just excited to see the reunion between Peter Parker and Tony Stark. After their torturous good-bye the moment Tony sees him alive again is going to be the father-son moment we have been waiting for.

C: Tom Holland is one of the best rising young actors in Hollywood. His completely improvised death scene was the emotional capper of Thanos’ mass genocide that made the weight of the moment feel incredible. It’s undeniable that he’ll be back soon (more on that later), but the moment was still tear inducing. With a sequel on the way, and Tom Holland’s status as ultimate teen crush, the future of the MCU is in good hands.

Rest in peace Peter Parker

5) Thanos’ Mass Murder.

        C: Jeez, imagine being a parent and taking your kid out to see the new superhero movie and that happens. It’s time to address the elephant in the room. RIP Heimdall, Loki, Gamora, Vision, Bucky, Black Panther, Groot, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Mantis, Drax, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange and Peter Parker. Aside from those first four, all the following deaths occurred when Thanos collected all six infinity stones and snapped his fingers, completing his goal of murdering half the universe. I mean, where do we even unpack this. The shock of watching Black Panther fade away, to the heart wrenching moment of watching Peter say, “I don’t wanna go.” Although Thanos’ iconic finger snap was always a possibility, few probably expected this blockbuster Disney film to go out on such a morbid note. What do you think, Fatima?

F: I think that the Russo brothers are sadistic geniuses. The way that the deaths were handled was absolutely amazing; everyone had a moment. It was definitely surprising that Disney would give a movie such a dark and angsty ending. The entire idea behind his genocide is oddly relatable. Although he is a psychopath on a quest for world domination, he truly believes what he is doing is horrible but backed with logic and reason.

How could you hate this genocidal face?

6) None of Those Deaths were Permanent.

        F: When put into consideration, most of the heroes that died still have movies coming out (*cough cough* Spider Man, *cough cough* Black Panther), therefore it’s impossible that the deaths will stick. Although the Russo brothers have said that the deaths are canon that does not mean that they cannot be resurrected. Also, The Russo Brothers have stated that Gamora is trapped inside the soul stone which implies that she can be saved as well. If Spider-man does not get his two movies, then I personally will be writing a very strongly worded letter to the Russo Brothers.

C: The interesting part is finding out which of the deaths, if any, will stick. Will Loki, Heimdall, Vision and more return? They were killed before the snapture (haha get it), so it’s hard to tell whether their deaths will be reversed as well. If their deaths were to also be reversed, it would seemingly remove any stakes or tension from the Marvel films. However, there is a much more complicated option available…

The less we talk about this depressing scene, the better.

7) Avengers 4 Will (Maybe) be a Time Travel Film.

        C: Time Travel is the most complicated concept in film. The mere concept of time travel usually induces plot holes before the script has even been written, but wouldn’t it make the most sense for the Avengers to get a hold of the time stone, and start messing with the timelines? This would be a way to bring everyone who died in the previous film back, while keeping the stakes for the Avengers still alive very high.

F: The first thing i will say is that if we have learned anything from Barry Allen, it is that time travel is bad and we should never mess with it. Which is why I think that rather than taking the obvious route with the time stone, they are going to focus on the soul stone. When Thanos used the power of the gauntlet to accomplish his mission it’s possible that all the souls that were killed were trapped in the stone.

C: Barry Allen learned that in Season 1, but he continued to mess with time travel for 2 more seasons, so I don’t know if we should be taking any lessons from him. Rest in peace the entire DC universe.

It’s about to get complicated.

8) This Movie May get Worse after Avengers 4.

        C: Here’s the problem. As cool as an Avengers time travel film may (or may not) sound, if Avengers 4 does go in this direction, what does that mean for the film we just watched? Does Infinity War even matter if the Avengers claim the time stone and decide to mess up the timelines. As great as Infinity War was, the possibility of it all meaning very little rings very high right now.

F: I completely agree, If they do use the time stone to reverse all of the deaths then this entire movie and all of its emotional trauma will be wasted. Unless there is some way for them to save everyone and still make this movie remain relevant, they should probably STAY AWAY FROM TIME TRAVEL!

C: Barry Allen approves this message.

How will this film stand the test of time?

9) Way to Early Death Predictions for Avengers.

        C: With no information at our disposal (not even the title of the movie) to go off of, it’s time to make our way to early Avengers 4 death predictions. Gamora and everyone who faded away will come back and be safe for the rest of the film, which leaves us with a smaller candidate pool to choose from. I believe Iron Man, Captain America, War Machine, and Hawkeye (please return to us Hawkeye) will bite the dust in Avengers 4. Actually, let’s add in Loki again. He needs to die for a fourth time. Your predictions, Fatima?

F: I don’t think they will kill off Iron-Man only because I love his dynamic with Spider-Man. I think retirement is the better option for him. Captain America is definitely going to die. He is a depressed little golden retriever.

C: Captain America or Chris Evans?

F: Both honestly… but as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, Cap is going to die. I could understand War Machine dying considering he doesn’t have much of a character anymore. I feel like Black Widow is going to die. I don’t know why but have a feeling she is.

It will definitely be the end of Captain America after Avengers 4.

10) Way to Early Phase 4 Predictions for the MCU

        F: Let’s end this right with our predictions for the future of the MCU. The only movies that have been officially confirmed for phase four are Spider-man 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy 3.  There has been talk of a black widow movie, but it will most likely (hopefully) be focused on her past and her time spent in the red room. Black panther and Ant-man are expected to be confirmed after the release of Avengers 4.

C: Other possible candidates for phase four releases are Captain Marvel 2, Doctor Strange 2, Thor 4, Avengers 5, and new heroes such as Adam Warlock. However, the truth is, nobody knows anything, and we are just spinning our wheels waiting for the tiniest morsel of news about Avengers 4. All hail Disney.

F: Honestly, just wait a couple weeks and Tom Holland will likely reveal something in an interview accidently!

This is a totally official (definitely not fake) poster.

That’s it from your favorite nerds on the staff this time. Join us next time as we debate with each other about the rankings of all 19 marvel films. Things will get personal and feelings will be hurt!