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Students have several choices when it comes to lunch.

The Best Time is Lunch Time

September 10, 2018


Klein offers a variety of lunch options for students to choose from. With so many options there is a choice every student must make and they’re always adding something new.

With eight lines to choose from including a snack line, salad bar, pizza, Chinese food, Mexican food, chicken nugget, and now sandwich line everyone has a favorite.

“I love the snack line the most because it has a little bit of everything,” sophomore Skyh Mosbey said. “It’s good if you don’t want to pay for a whole lunch. I always just get bread sticks and a water bottle.”

The salad bar is another popular line because some students like to have options about everything that goes into it, and the option to be healthy.

“I eat salad almost every day because I think it tastes the best out of the options I have,” sophomore Emma Tsanias said. “I get to be in control of everything and I can make sure that I eat some vegetables since I probably wouldn’t otherwise.”

Even though many students eat food from the cafeteria, there are also many who bring their lunch to avoid lines and food that they don’t like.

“I bring my lunch every day because the lunch lines are always so long and because I don’t think anything they’re selling is really that good,” senior Leah Zannone said.

Other students like to mix it up and try new things for lunch.

“Most days I bring lunch but sometimes if they have something I’m really craving, I will buy my lunch,” senior Perla Aguilar said. “Once in a while, maybe my birthday, my mom or dad will bring food like Whataburger.”

With the current lunch lines Klein offers they promote a balanced meal for students every day, but some students would prefer a less strict diet.

“I think it’s good that they offer fruits, vegetables, and other healthy stuff but I also don’t really like how everything is sugar free or low sugar,” senior Sinclair Wade said. “I think they should add something like soda.”

Even with all the different choices some students would still prefer to eat lunch somewhere else but for now Klein’s selection will satisfy the students.

“I think it’s nice that they have so many options, but I think we should be able to go off campus,” Mosbey said. “We have so many restaurants across the street, it seems kind of silly to limit us to only Klein food. But I don’t think they are changing the rule any time soon, so I will stick to buying lunch.”



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