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Fish decor at Freshman Mixer.

Dancing Into Freshmen Year


The Klein High School Freshmen Mixer is a dance for all of the current freshmen of the new school year. It’s an opportunity for them to get to know their classmates, especially since they are coming from all different schools and zones.

Standleaders, staff, and other adults cheerfully welcomed the students getting them to open up and have a good time. The mixer was held on Friday, August 31, in the cafeteria. The upperclassmen encourage all of the freshman to attend their Freshman Mixer. It’s a chance to “mingle” and make friends close to the start of school.

“It’s the best part of your freshman year,” Standleader Tatum Oberly said. “It’s a big party with all of the people you go to school with, almost like a more casual homecoming dance.”

Of course, it can be a little bit awkward at first. Not being that close with everyone and sort of being forced to interact with people can cause the students to feel kind of uncomfortable

“I’m not a good dancer,” freshman Jake Smith said. “And it’s too crowded.”

A lot of the teachers enjoy the freshman mixer as well. Welcoming and having the opportunity to meet the incoming students is intriguing, especially for the staff.

“I like to mix it up, since I teach seniors it’s fun to interact with the younger students too,” Economics teacher Umana Essien said.

As the night moves forward the cliques and friend groups slowly begin to fade to one big bunch of people all having fun together.

“Seeing the different groups of freshmen slowly joining the larger crowds was really cool to watch,” Standleader Justis Curry said. “The dance really broke down barriers and created a place where everyone could have fun regardless if you knew the people you were dancing with.”

A lot of the freshmen regret not going to the mixer, because all of their friends are talking about it on Monday the next week.

“I wish I would have gone, all of my friends were telling me how fun it was,” said freshman Matthew Miller.


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