Senior Appreciated for Service Towards Klein Staff


Haadiya Mhomed

Senior Brandon McMasters works on an assignment as class occurs.


Any student is capable of setting an example for their fellow classmates. Nominated by assistant principal Gary Brain, senior Brandon McMasters is a student who consistently serves others.

“Brandon has been a model Klein five student with service,” Brain said. “For the past two years, he assists me by bringing my bus duty form back to the office every day. He always has a great attitude and a smile.”

McMasters has proven himself to be an admirable upper classman by going above and beyond in his duties.

“Even on days when I might forget to find him, he comes and finds me to bring the papers up.” Brain said. “Not only does he help with that, but each day we have conversations about sports or school events. He continues to have a way to brighten by day.”

Every day, students have the opportunity to exemplarize the Klein 5 core values. Willingness to help is a trait that can make someone shine as an individual.

“Brandon is always positive and helpful,” Brain said. “He is very responsible, respectful, and trustworthy. He has a great sense of humor and is always great to talk with. I find that Brandon is always willing to go above and beyond, with a positive attitude, to help out the Klein High Administrators. He is just an all-around great young man.”

To help others is to help us all. When someone exhibits Klein 5 values, they also inspire those around them to do the same.

“I did not expect to be recognized for helping Mr. Brain,” McMasters said. “I was just there to help him out. My advice for lower classmen is to always help. Even if you don’t like the person, it feels good.”