HOSA President Recognized as Outstanding Student


Haadiya Mhomed

Senior Andy DeGuzman studies on her tablet during class.


Kristen Haggard nominates Andreana DeGuzman for her work as president of HOSA, determination on a daily basis, and being one of the planners and leaders of the successful Klein Serves event in October.

“I nominated Andy because she’s a true representative of the Klein 5 traits as far as her service, gratitude, and everything,” Haggard said. “She just exudes the Klein 5 traits everyday of her life.”

Haggard is the sponsor of HOSA and has gotten to see Andy’s generous and joyful work-ethic first-hand on a daily basis.

“Her work ethic [is what makes her stand out],” Haggard said. “There’s never anything I ask her to do that she’s not willing to give 100 percent to. She always stays up late, comes in early, stays after school, always works during lunch and is always willing to just give 110 percent to everything she does.”

Haggard recognizes DeGuzman’s kindness as a factor that makes her stand out from the crowd.

“She’s always willing to give to others, always has a smile on her face. You never see her upset or sad,” Haggard said. “One of the things that I think is the greatest about her is that she’s just nice to everyone and she just gets so happy when she serves other people.”

DeGuzman is heavily involved in HOSA.

“I’m the president of Klein HOSA,” DeGuzman said. “It’s an organization affiliated with the medical field, so students that are interested in becoming doctors, nurses, or even technicians, anything of that matter are totally welcome to join it.”

She works on volunteering, competitions, and other parts of HOSA.

 “There’s a lot of volunteering that goes on behind it. We also do competitions where we can compete with medical related events as well,” DeGuzman said. “It’s a really good club to join especially to really get into volunteering to meet other people and aside from the medical field you can join it and we have lots of parties and its really fun. It’s a really good way to get in touch with your school and other people.”

Inclusiveness is a key factor that she hopes to be present in HOSA.

“Our goal is to be inclusive of everybody, from freshman to seniors, and to include people, even if they’re not interested in the medical field,” DeGuzman said. “We understand that it’s definitely driven for students that are interested in the medical field and anything that is of that matter. But we also want to encourage people to try it out because you never know what you could be interested in.  People will come in wanting to be a doctor and come out wanting to be architects.”

She plays a major role in the planning and implementation of Klein’s first ever Klein Serves.

“I was an event chairman for Klein Serves and my role was pretty much to see through everything with my team and my awesome advisor Kristen Haggard,” DeGuzman said. “We really just did it- the lanyards, the tshirts, organizing the 850 people participating, the locations, the events, and we wanted to be inclusive of that to where we had theater kids and the athletes and speech and debate.”

DeGuzman values service and volunteer work as something everyone should partake in.

“We really wanted everyone to get out there one day to volunteer and get some service done,” DeGuzman said.