Snapchats don’t last forever, but yearbooks do


In this digital age, some neglected to realize the importance of the yearbook. With social media apps, such as Instagram and Snapchat, students don’t see the yearbook as a necessity. The yearbook editor-in-chief, Kaylynn Slayton hoped for students to appreciate the yearbook as a permanent keepsake that gives future generations the chance to reminisce thousands of memories.

“It’s a piece of history when we grow old, it’s the one thing we’ll have to show our children and grandchildren what our high school experience was like,” Slayton said. “The importance can’t really be expressed in words now, it’s more of a feeling that’s experienced later in life.”

While technology and trends change, a yearbook lasts forever. Current staff member and senior Jose Paras shared his experience in being a photographer this year.

“As a photographer, in a way I get to be a part of all of the memories made while capturing all the good times everyone will look back on,” Paras said. “The yearbook shows how time has progressed over the years and you get to see how everyone has changed and evolved since high school.”

The Sales Manager, Sadie Smith encouraged students to buy the yearbook on school cash online by Jan. 31.

“Everyone should buy their yearbook. It’s a tangible copy of your high school life,” Smith said. “High school is full of some of your best moments and memories, and the yearbook is a way to never forget them.”