The Winner of Mr. Topkat is…

Senior Joshua Davis


Senior Joshua Davis was crowned winner at this year’s annual Mr. Topkat.


“It was like a feeling that I can’t explain,” Davis said.  


Annual Mr. Topkat event was hosted on Feb. 14. Mr. Topkat is a pageant that senior boys are nominated for and compete in to have the chance to win a cash prize.


“I was excited when I found out I made it,” senior Alek Jordan said.  “It’s a pretty big event at Klein and I’ve gone the past few years, it’s fun to be the one of the ones up on stage and to participate in that. ”


Mr. Topkat and many other competitions require practice and preparations. It takes everyone a part of the competition to be dedicated in order to make it successful.


“There were after school rehearsals for the week before and Bearkat Den,” senior Ezra Bailey said. “The most time consuming was getting the dance ready but it was really fun, so it was worth it.”


As this was a competition, each student who competed made it their goal to make their performance unique and took a step outside of their comfort zones.


“Well other people were scared to get out of their comfort zones, in my opinion,” Davis said. “I showed up and showed out.”

Always be yourself and don’t put on a show for other people.

— senior Joshua Davis

Being a part of a competition like this, the contestants got the chance to try something new. Some of the competitors shared what their favorite part was about this experience.


“The dance, that has to be the most fun part because you just get to express yourself,” senior Coleby Hamm said. “A lot of the stuff is kind of feminine, but you just got to have fun with it and enjoy yourself.”


Topkat was a different experience for each contestant. Some learned things they could carry with them throughout their life.  

“Always be yourself and don’t put on a show for other people,” Davis said


With an event like this, it wasn’t just the contestants putting on a show, it gave Standleader Diego Mathenia the opportunity to host along with another student.


“I thought it was actually one of the coolest things I’ve done of the entire school,” said Mathenia. “Just getting recognized and having some mess ups I actually had to improve a few times because the mic went out and I had to start screaming I thought it was a great time.