A New Perspective

KHS welcomes two new APs


Two new administrators were welcomed at Klein High School over the summer after Riley Peters and Cary Goemans were hired as the new Assistant Principals for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what they contribute to Klein,” senior Kaitlyn Austin said. “I feel like they’re going to do a really great job.”

Already having experience, Goemans served as an AP at Wunderlich Intermediate, giving her the opportunity to bring her ideas and goals to a new educational environment.

“I hope that my legacy as an educator would include that I help those I serve recognize their own potential and build their personal capacity to succeed in what they choose to do,” Goemans said.

Having a similar mindset, Peters excitedly shared what he hopes to accomplish in his time at Klein High.

“I’m passionate about building connections and interacting with people,” Peters said. “This is a great opportunity to help students grow.”

These administrators aren’t the only ones who are excited about their time at a new school. Various students have expressed that they look forward to seeing and interacting with all the Assistant Principals on a daily basis.

“I love seeing new faces and I’ve never seen either one of them not smiling,” senior Sarah Carter said. “It’s very refreshing to be walking through the halls and see someone who’s excited about the day. It makes you excited to be there.”

Although the new school year has only just begun, many students and staff agree that it will be a year of progression and greatness.

“I’m looking forward to building relationships with and supporting faculty, staff, families and students to ensure students successfully exit with their purpose,” Goemans said.