A New Year of NFL Football

A Review Of The NFL 2019 Season


Photo Courtesy of NFL

A photo of the National Football League’s logo on field

Michael Williams, Staff Writer


The National Football League kicked off its 100th season with the Green Bay Packers defeating the Chicago Bears 10-3. This season was full of surprises, stories to keep up with, and controversial topics. We watched Lamar Jackson become the second player ever to win the MVP via unanimous vote, breaking Michael Vick’s record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season. We witnessed the Patriots’ dynasty end, with a loss to the Tennessee Titans in the first round of the playoffs, and for the third year in a row, the Saints lost a playoff game on the final play of the game.

The year ended with the Kansas City Chiefs beating the San Francisco 49ers, 31-20 in Super Bowl LIV. Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes (at only 24 years old) won the Super Bowl MVP award. Mahomes completed 26 of 42 pass attempts for 286 yards and two touchdowns. This season was Mahome’s third NFL season as a quarterback after graduating from the University of Texas Tech. 

Given their defeat in the Super Bowl, the 49ers had one of the best single season turn arounds we have ever seen with the rookie, Nick Bosa winning defensive rookie of the year. The 49ers earned the top seed in the NFC conference and had one of the best defenses in the league. Completing their season with a remarkable 13–3 record the 49ers had their best season record since 2011 and their first winning season since 2013. With a roster mixed with lots of young talent and experienced players; the 49ers have the third best odds to win next year’s Super Bowl.

One of the best records in the league helped the Chiefs earn the second seed in the AFC conference; beating the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans in the playoffs. The Chiefs clinched the franchise’s fifth consecutive playoff appearance and finished undefeated in the AFC West for the second time under Head Coach Andy Reid. After winning the Super Bowl, Kansas City’s top priority will be locking down star quarterback Patrick Mahomes; for the foreseeable future. Mahomes will likely earn a new contract deal that gives him about $40 million dollars a year for five years. Kansas City has the best odds to win the Super Bowl next year. 

Stories to keep up with in the off-season:

The NFL has never had a true off-season overlapping with the regular season, post season, the draft, training camp, and even pre season, throughout the entire year. The NFL has done a brilliant job setting this up. Let the talk of the league never lose touch with its fan base. Questions like where Tom Brady will end up playing next year; or if he’ll decide to leave the Patriots. How much longer can Drew Brees hold off father time going into his 20th NFL season? Should Cowboys Dak Prescott take a hometown discount and help spread the money around to players? Could refusing to play for the Bengals be in Joe Burrow’s best interest? Should Tua Tagovailoa do the same?

Only time will tell with all these stories; the off-season can be very intriguing.