Final Exam Schedule Released to Students


Photo courtesy of Klein ISD

Klein High School exemption requirements for the fall semester final exams.


In preparation for the end of the fall semester, the Klein faculty released this year’s final exam schedule. Like previous years, in order to be exempt from a midterm exam, the exam must be for a semester class, the student must have any financial holds cleared, have never been in ISS, OSS, Annex, or JJAEP, and must have a grade average of an 80 or above. For year-long courses, students cannot be exempt.

Beginning the last week before holiday break, Monday, Dec. 13 will keep a normal bell schedule and be used for midterm exam review. Tuesday, however, is also a full-length day, but will have a different schedule than usual. On that day, students will take their first period exams from 7:20 a.m. to 9:22 a.m., and every additional class period will be cut a few minutes shorter than usual. There will be no InKlein period on Tuesday. 

Dec. 15, 16, and 17 are early release days, which means that students will take two midterms and dismiss at 11:30 a.m., with buses running at 11:40 a.m.. On Wednesday, students will take midterm exams for their second and third period classes, on Thursday, their fourth and fifth period exams, and on Friday, their sixth and seventh period exams. After the week of testing, students begin their holiday break and do not begin back for the second semester until Wednesday, Jan. 5.

Students who have early release or late arrival  will be allowed to come on campus late or leave early on the days in which they are taking their 1st or 7th period exams, but they must be on campus for the other exams. Co-op students are the only students permitted to leave campus early on final exam days to go to work. If a student needs to reschedule their midterm exam, they are advised to talk to their assistant principal in advance to receive approval and a new time or day to take the exam.