Klein Volleyball Goes To Playoffs


Zoe Spangler

The varsity volleyball team competes against Woodlands High School in the quarter finals.

Augusto Moreno-Morales, Staff Writer


The volleyball season ended this month after a heartbreaking loss in the 3rd round of the playoffs against The Woodlands 3-1. Doing first in the district, the team accomplished another victory for Klein by winning 3-1 against the Langham Creek, and Grand Oaks. 

“They worked really really hard. As far as making a lot of strong improvements, this group really listens well, so they are the ones that learned very quickly,” varsity volleyball coach Kate Zora said, “It had been a couple months since we lost, so a lot of that was attributed to their hard work.”

The glory of winning comes from effort and team communication, as well as their three hour daily practices, players said. 

“I felt like the work ethic of the beginning of the season wasn’t where we wanted it to be, and then when things finally clicked, we started winning and having fun,” senior and team captain Kierstyn McFall said.

The personal connection that makes them one with their teammates is crucial in the moments that the ball is flying over the net. When the team forms bonds with one another, each of their confidence grows with their friendships. 

“I felt like there were a lot of new faces, so they were nervous at the first round. Once we won that first game, everybody got more comfortable, and then we started playing a lot better,” McFall said.

Feeling confident during the match totally helps as a strong tool in the moment of defeating the competition. A lot of it is provided by many reasons, but one that matters a lot at klein are their stand leaders, who never stop the cheers during the games.

¨It was really exciting,” senior and  standleader Kayla Johnson said. ¨We even had non-standleaders come and support us. Even though it was a drive they still came out of their way to cheer for the volleyball team. All of the standleaders love volleyball and cheering for them.¨

The love and support that Klein showed the team at playoffs motivates the team to grow closer together and to keep their passion for the sport alive, McFall said. 

¨[After I graduate] I feel like if they keep working together, and they all keep that same true bond, and don’t give up on one another, they will be able to go far,” McFall said.