Baker’s Family Traditions

Principal Brandon Baker shares how he spends the winter holidays


Photo Courtesy of Brandon Baker

Principal Brandon Baker enjoys a day with his wife and three daughters.


Despite his important role as principal, Brandon Baker still makes time for his family to indulge in their favorite Christmas traditions. 

Baker said he likes to indulge in many people’s favorite Christmas traditions, like watching cheesy holiday movies and listening to Christmas music.

¨I am a very simple man when it comes to the celebration of Christmas traditions,” Baker said. “Even though I may love the lights I see on many houses, I’m still a low-key guy within the realm of Christmas activities.”

Baker said he still enjoys many traditional Christmas activities, including listening to Jingle Bells, watching movies with his family, and eating lots of chocolate-covered pretzels.

“I think that our family’s favorite movie is Elf,” Baker said. “Which I like, but my personal favorite would be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, it’s pretty funny. But if I had to pick one [for my family], I’d pick Elf.”

Because of his busy sports schedule when he was younger, he didn’t get to celebrate Christmas as much as a kid. Now, he travels with his family to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and he can create new holiday memories.

“We usually go down there at this time of year with our family, with my good friends from high school, and their families too,” Baker said. “They have younger kids, so they can all spend a lot of time together interacting and having a fun time. We’ve been doing this for about 14 or 15 years and it’s been a great tradition that we have.”

Even though high school principals can do many things like administering an entire school and its students, they can also enjoy quality time with family, celebrating traditions that they hold dear to their hearts.

“All of our traditions at Christmas time may seem small to others,” Baker said. “But for us, they matter more than we know.”