Klein Crowns Top Kat

Klein seniors compete to win Mr.TopKat


A small runaway with small lights illuminating the area with red, pink, and heart balloons decorated the stage. Girls gushing in the crowd as the anticipation overwhelms them because of the upcoming event. On Feb.13th , as many audience viewers came to the event to show their support for 12 senior boys strutting their stuff in the 10th annual Mr.TopKat Competiton. The competitors were Alex Ables, Dakota Aplanalp, Rainer Ausmus, Logan Talley, Wyatt Coatney, Zach Faulise, Hunter Fritter, David Hamm, Ryan Harrison, Logan Reynolds, Rob Hogg, and Benett Neurock.

Dakota not only won first place in the competition but also Best in Show. Other winners included Rainer Ausmus who won Best Smile, Logan Talley who won Best Personality, David Hamm who won Best Physique, Hunter Fitter who won best dancer, Logan Reynolds who won best in blue Jeans, and Ryan Harrison who won Best Runway Pose. Logan was first runner up earning $200, and Ryan was 2nd runner up earning $150 from the competition.

“The dancing was the best part of the show, I think I have more pop than a soda machine,” said winner Dakota Aplanalp

The  contestants of the competition put a small dance number on for the audience to the recent pop song “Timber” by Pitbull featuring Ke$ha. The 2013-2014 Standleaders helped the contestants by being their partners in the number, and rocked a grand soul train with the contestants. The twerking, frivolous antics, and Fritter’s handstand plus back flip earned many girls’ screeches and whoops.

“Excellent, the turn out was very good, We were pleased with the crowd,” said Leslie Vela, Standleader sponsor.

The Audience’s Choice Awards were all about the people and the boys’ personality, dance moves, who looks best in blue jeans, best physique, best smile, best eyes, and who walked the best on the runway. The whole show was around the events that would help the audience decide who was the best of the best. The contestants strutted their stuff in a casual wear, swimsuit wear, evening wear, dance routine, and individual introductions for each contestant.

“I enjoyed the boy Standleaders the most, they may have been even better than the competitors themselves,” said Renee Horton, teacher aid.

The Standleader boys’ ending performance showed us their short grass skirts while dancing some of the signature dance moves of the season. Not only did they do some different dance moves including moves of back flips, slam dunks, and Harlem shake. but also showed how they compare to the competitors. But, the cheerleaders also impressed the crowd with their routine using glow sticks and sharp dances moves. Both the Standleaders and the Cheerleaders pumped up the crowd that night of the Mr.TopKat competition.

“I’m going to end world hunger, create world peace, recycle more, but in all realness I’m just gonna try to be a normal person,” Aplanalp said.

He showed the crowd how cool he was in his casual wear while he blew kisses, and showed off in his black sunglasses with his blue jeans. Mr.TopKat winner has big hopes for the school and can’t wait to see the improvements of the school including the new parts of the school. And with newly won $250.00 from the competition everyone can’t wait to see what he going to do next in the school year with his newly won title.