The Bucketlist Spectacular: Meaning to Living


Courtesy of Bing


What comes to mind when one hears “bucketlist”? Bucketlists are formed by several challenges or personal goals to be accomplished in a given period of time. It’s a way to be adventurous and challenge oneself like never before.

A typical bucketlist for many people may include traveling to all the wonders of the world, exploring the vast and beauties of nature, eating a 13-ounce jar of Nutella while in a handstand position, or watching a whole season of a show in two weeks. The ideas are endless, vaying on the individuals that sparks the creativity and determination to accomplish them, no matter how challenging the task may appear.

“It’s something you want to do before you kick the bucket,” said senior Dakota Salazar.

Salazar, 17, dreams of serving his country.

“My dad’s served it for 20 years, and my brother’s served it for 8. I was born on a base, I grew up on bases, and it’s just what I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid,” beamed Salazar. “It’s time for our generation to stand up and take responsibilities.”

Not only does he want to serve the country, Salazar also dreams of visiting the green roots of Ireland.

“I’m Irish and I just want to see where I’m from and what my family was,” said Salazar.

“When you kinda think about it, you see the same things every day; you don’t get to see what other people around the world are getting to see. You want to experience something different and new, and that’s what I want to do,” said junior Ryanna Wilson.

Wilson, 16, is inspired by films and the stories that are told with the lives that characters live.

“I watch movies and films and see people do really cool things,” said Wilson. “I should have the chance to do that sometime in my life,” said Wilson.

She aspired to be a YouTuber that gets the opportunities to travel the world. A YouTuber, sometimes known as an internet personality, makes videos varying on the creator’s interests. These videos target many subjects like beauty, do-it-yourself projects, gaming, prnaks, education, and vlogs (the video version of blogs).

“Everybody keeps asking me if I want to be a lawyer or be a doctor. No, not really. I just want to entertain and do something I love every day,” said Wilson. “You can love being a lawyer and a doctor, but I can’t see myself doing something like that.”

Many discover their strengths and weaknesses by having a bucketlist. Senior Cody Richards, 18, wants to be a contestant for the show “Naked and Afraid”. The show is about two stranded strangers who must fight to survive in the unknown wilderness while bare-bodied for 21 days.

“It’s awesome and I love that show,” said Richards. “I think it will be really cool and something to tell a story about.”

Creating a bucketlist is exciting as it’s filled with challenges and goals. However, accomplishing it gives a sense of appreciation, pride, and new perspectives on life while on the road to cross off the tasks. A bucketlist demands focus and determination, but it is surely worth all the efforts to conquer dreams, making them into realities while on the pursuit of happiness.

“Doing that – finding your own roots, not doing what everyone wants you to do, finding your own way to be happy – every day is the pursuit of happiness,” said Wilson.