All Warmth of Valentine’s Day


Devin Jones


The great season of beautiful bouquets of flowers, expensive chocolate, and people-sized teddy bears is here. And nobody is more excited than us, singles, because this is not only the time for the loving couples to show their affection around town, but the great time of self-wallowing for the people who think that they have no one. Because the great affectionate holiday called Valentine’s Day is near and it’s the best to feel the warmth of love and friendship on this grand day.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is great for the couples who shower each other with gifts and affection. Yet, the single people find themselves alone eating ice cream or taking a chance to spend time with other people they love like friends or family because Valentine’s Day isn’t only about couples. It is also a day for people to show their love and affection to their friends or family because these are the people you love and adore just as much as their significant other.

Why is it, that everyone only shows the ultimate affection during Valentine’s Day? Aren’t we supposed to love each other every day of the year? We could surprise the people we love anytime of the year, but yet we do the most extravagant form of endearment on this holiday. Love can be shown at any time or place in grand spectacles or even a simple call to your loved one telling them that you love them and thinking about them.

But, on the other hand Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your love for someone because the day is a great way to celebrate a milestone in each other lives. And because everyone is so into the idea of this grand holiday, you’ll definitely feel the warmth of that day.

Then there is the saddest part of Valentine’s Day: the depressed singles. These moody people can either be some of the worst people to hang out with on this holiday or the absolute best to be around. These singles could be the people that despise the couples that frolic around with their sappy honeymoon state of love. The sad, depressed singles are the ones that could sit at home moping about their love lives with a big tub of ice cream of their choice and you know that they finish that tub on the night of Valentine’s Day.

Yet, on the other hand there are the singles that enjoy being single and spend their time happily enjoying that they don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day with anybody other than their friends and family. Either way, single people are the people that make Valentine’s Day because you’re always going to be single before you’re in a relationship.

Now, we have the most obnoxious people of Valentine’s Day, the honeymoon staged couples. These couples are the absolute worst on this holiday because they decide that this holiday is the best time to show how much they love and treasure their significant other and of course want to show off this “amazing” person to everyone. Not only do they show off their love as a couple in a ridiculous fashion by kissing and hanging on each other all around town, but they also shower each other with crazy gifts that are just impossible to ignore. Everyone understands that you guys are in love, but for the sake of people who don’t want to see that, may we please keep all the lovey-dovey stuff to a minimum. Because it’s not only for the sake of singles, but everyone else who just doesn’t want see that.

But, no matter if you’re single this Valentine’s Day or a part of a couple. Valentine’s Day is an awesome holiday and everyone should find their own way to celebrate this grand holiday of not only love, but friendship as well. This holiday is one the great holiday that tells we’re still human and we all still need love no matter what kind of love it is.