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Love, Simon Review

Love, Simon Review

April 30, 2018

Klein Coffee Lounge Opens Doors

Jennifer Cruz, Web Master & Staff Writer

March 9, 2017

The Klein Coffee Lounge, a cozy coffee lounge recently opened in the corner of Louetta and Kleinwood in front of AutoZone. It was opened in October of 2016. They sell coffee as well as frappes and smoothies for $3 for a small...

2016 a ‘Turning Point’ for Bearkat Football

Carson Lane, Contributing Writer

December 9, 2016

When talking about the expectations for the Klein football team, most fans around school weren’t very optimistic. The stigma around the team was that they were the runts of the conference. They were perennially behind Klein O...

The Bearkats get ready for the football game against Klein Oak

Bearkats or Panthers?

November 2, 2016

Klein should consider Green Chords

Jeffery Wright, Staff Writer

October 17, 2016

Colleges have a certain amount of space and if you want to get accepted into a great one you have to get ahead of all the other seniors in the race. Yet it can be hard to find items to put in your article when your school doesn’t...

Ways to De-Stress

May 8, 2015

Ever heard parents say, "You have a roof over your head, food on the table, and clothes on your back. You don't have anything to be stressed about." This may seem true to them, but times have changed, and life is harder for...

Driving in Rage: A Student’s Perspective

Shedriana DeGrate

May 7, 2015

Everyone knows that feeling, while driving, when they are running late and are rushing to get somewhere but then they reach a stoplight. After a minute or two of waiting, they’re relieved it finally turns green, but the person...

The Beginning and The End

Kai Jacobs, Staff Writer

January 28, 2015

 The beginning of the world, according to research, is said to have been started by a “Big Bang”, and inhabited by fewer organisms than compared to today. “The Big Bang perfectly explains the abundance of helium and other...

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