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Klein Coffee Lounge Opens Doors

Jennifer Cruz, Web Master & Staff Writer

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The Klein Coffee Lounge, a cozy coffee lounge recently opened in the corner of Louetta and Kleinwood in front of AutoZone. It was opened in October of 2016.

They sell coffee as well as frappes and smoothies for $3 for a small cup and $4 for a large, which is less than Starbucks prices. They also sell snacks, such as cookies and chips to enjoy. You may also get add-ins to your coffee such as vanilla for $0.50.

In comparison to Starbucks, this is a great place for doing homework or anything else anyone might need to work on. It is also a lot less crowded than Starbucks after school, inside and out. It is relatively quiet and can also be used to hang out with friends. They provide Wi-Fi and printers free for use, and the lounge has many power outlets as well. The lounge is very low noise except for subtle calming music. It also has an Xbox One available to use.

The coffee lounge is owned by a small business owner and this is his first store. The owner, Newton Antony also says that this has always been a dream of his to open a place where high schoolers, college students and other people could hang out since when he was younger there wasn’t really anything like his shop for him and his friends to hang out in that was nonalcoholic, so his main focus was for it to be family friendly.

When walking in the establishment looks clean and the employee who I was helped by Cale Jackson is extremely polite and helpful. The atmosphere seems extremely relaxing and quiet. The coffee lounge is also available for family gatherings or other private functions such as birthdays and graduations.


2 Responses to “Klein Coffee Lounge Opens Doors”

  1. Mirina Kristine Kellogg on April 16th, 2017 5:53 pm

    The owner is a creep and a psycho. Be careful. He harassed me on facebook after I didn’t hang out with him (I’ve never met him before in person). He has tried to bribe me to hang out with him, to back out of going to school, to even work for him here.

    He’s also done this to several of my female friends on facebook! Be careful!


  2. Klein coffee on September 26th, 2017 11:21 am

    Owner Is never at the store. It’s all run by high school students next door There are many many kids representing themselves as the owner


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Klein Coffee Lounge Opens Doors