Sweeny Todd makes dark impression


Menah Eissa

Seniors Ian Tomroy and Lauren Domino act out a scene in Sweeny Todd.

Carson Lane, Staff Writer


The Tale of Sweeny Todd is interesting in that it’s adaptations have been numerous over its long history. The material becomes re-used over time and it starts to feel there is nowhere to go with the material. New adaptations feel forced and to different from what made the original great to begin with. Klein High’s Sweeny Todd doesn’t attempt to do this, instead focusing on what made the play and film so wonderfully morbid and interesting, to great results.

If you’ve seen Tim Burton’s film adaptation of Sweeney Todd, this is very similar to that film. The characters and plot are roughly the same, as are the songs from that film. There are some changes, including additional scenes between Johanna and Anthony, and other minor additions. When making a faithful adaptation to a film in a play form, you have to rely on: A great stage set, good costumes, lighting, strong performances and a great atmosphere. Klein High’s play luckily hit on all cylinders.

The world of Sweeney Todd is unrelenting in its dark tone, even when talking about love. The set does a great job of evoking the dark and gritty, 19th century London. The set itself does a great job of interconnecting where it needs to and rarely leaves you confused to the settings or what is going on. The lighting is appropriately used, with darker colors to compliment the dark setting of the stage and the effects work well when used.

Ian Tomroy pulls off Sweeney Todd portraying a tortured man very well. He has a good, deep voice for the role, singing the songs with an appropriately deep and melancholy voice. Perhaps most importantly, he has good chemistry with the other lead, Lauren Domino as Ms. Lovett. Lauren Domino might have the breakout role. She easily switches from sweet and loving when caring for Tobias, to manipulative and dark when serving meat pies. Tobias is played with great innocence and the beggar woman is appropriately over the top and dramatic. The cast is very well rounded and good in their roles.

The whole show was put together very well, with a dark, atmospheric feel that pulls you in to the show and matches its tone. The full orchestra adds to the experience. Instead of going over the top, it adds a subtler and moving feel, merging into the environment and adding to every scene. Every actor does well in their parts. Tobias is played with a perfect amount of innocence, Pirelli with a great amount of flamboyance, and Beadle with a great amount of energy. Every part of the play, stage, and effects add to the atmosphere of the dark world of Sweeney Todd. This great play adds to the growing list of great Klein High plays and definitely sets a high for the plays this year.