Jennifer Cruz, Editor in Chief


    This year Klein High implemented a new character development program, dubbed the #Klein5, and many people took on this project to promote empathy, service, perseverance, integrity and gratitude

   “In my 90-day entry plan, I surveyed a lot of the communities, staff, students and a lot of the resounding feedback was academics are great, let’s focus more on character and so that’s really what started it all,” principal Jessica Haddox said

   A large group of people was necessary to make the program a success

   “The one thing that’s really big about the Klein5 is that it was developed by everybody,” said Haddox. “Last year we had a survey that went out to the students and community and asked what words come to mind when you think of a Klein High student. We used those words, pretty much the top words and had a character education committee, administration, some student groups meet who tried to come up with things and through that think tank, Klein5 was born,” Haddox said

   Character development is a common aspect throughout schools and in education

    “The big goal in education is not just academics it’s building the whole learner. So I felt like we needed a move in character education here, not because of any one situation or anything bad, it’s just that there’s nothing bad that could come of teaching character so it’s a win, win situation,” said Haddox

   The response was something that came positively and was not surprising with our circumstances

   “I think it’s been a really great response. I think that it came at a time, unfortunately where we needed it the most when it came to community, and given the circumstances with Harvey and how many of our students and families were impacted, but you really saw the spirit of service and we really saw perseverance and empathy, all of those big pieces of the Klein5 come out through that,” Haddox said. 

    People will be chosen to be Klein5 ambassadors and there are qualities they must have

    “Someone that is a leader and that exemplifies. We’re not looking for one type of kid, we’re looking for all different types of kids from all different walks of life and just someone who will help push out that message to their peers because I really feel like the student voice and having students to highlight other students is a really cool thing,” Haddox said.

   Overall, Haddox seems to be excited about the initiative our school is taking this year

    “I’m passionate about it. I think we’re really working towards being a National School of Character, which is a huge endeavor but my focus is on Klein5 and through our actions we will be able to achieve that,” Haddox said.