Coming Soon… A New Way to See Announcements


BKTV was an idea introduced to Klein to broadcast news and have students be more involved in announcements.

“I actually learned about it a little late, I was talking to my debate coach, [and he]  told me that Ms. Haddox had come to him to start a Klein news show,” senior Vonn Albright said.

Principal Jessica Haddox is the person that originally brought the idea to Communication Applications and Debate teacher, Ryan Hennessey.

“Ms. Haddox contacted me during the summer because she was interested in starting a news station on campus,” Hennessey said. “Ms. Bujnoch came from Jersey Village where they have a news station – JVTV – that has been around for over 20 years. And Ms. Bujnoch has been bothering Ms. Haddox for the better part of the year about why Klein is so awesome and we didn’t have something like that so Ms. Haddox decided she wanted to start a news station on campus and she contacted me to ask if I would be willing to do that.”

The idea of BKTV came from Haddox’s belief that it is something that can benefit students.

“What’s really cool about any type of student TV production is that it’s the student’s voice and students have so much influence over their peers and kids are so much more likely to listen to their peers than adults or to buy into what they’re saying,” Haddox said.

Although BKTV has been brought up since the summer the original air date has been pushed back due to not having all the equipment they need for production.

“I think the goal now is… if we can have our supplies by the time we leave for Thanksgiving break then hopefully like December 1 we’ll be able to launch BKTV,” Hennessey said.

Other than the uncertain air date, BKTV has been planning their first couple of episodes and also have a short film festival planned that will be held Wednesday, December 20th, right before we get out for Christmas break from 6-8:30p.m. For some students and staff, it may seem as though BKTV is only a news station, but they do not realize what it may mean for the students that are involved.

“[BKTV is] just pretty much a group of passionate filmmakers, and people who want to pursue this as a career when they grow up. So we all banded together and pioneered our own class,” senior Pierce Trexlor said.

Despite the lack of equipment the students involved are still positive about the outcome of BKTV.

“It’s just made us try harder and go for it, with everything,” senior Zoe Garcia said.