Upcoming Television Shows Fall 2018


As more media and viewing entertainment industries grow, cable television is one that shrinks. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hulu are taking over the viewing world. Most homes have invested in devices such as the Roku, for streaming services. Haven’t caught onto the trend, or are already a part of it? Here are some television shows that might be of interest you.

The Flash is a series that many DC fans and complete strangers alike  taken the superhero genre by storm, with four seasons and an upcoming fifth beginning in October, it has a lot of fans excited. This upcoming season will continue with the cliffhanger ending to season four, the “mystery girl” has messed with the timeline of Allen’s family and now fans will see what will happen after they meet.

“I’m looking forward to the interactions between the Flash’s daughter and himself throughout the action sequences,” sophomore Michael Williams said.

Fan of superheroes and aren’t a huge fan of The Flash? You’re in luck, The Arrow is another show with an upcoming season this October with much promise. The Arrow delivers with tight action and great dialogue many fans say. The big thing here is the new cast of villains that is exciting fans for the new season.

“I can’t wait for the Arrow because I want to see how Oliver deals with being in jail and how his legacy as the Green Arrow will play out,” junior Tristan Saglime said.

For those who want a more realistic type of entertainment, covered as well. With the release of Magnum P.I. coming this September. It’s an action drama reboot that a lot of people could get behind.

“When this show comes out I’m definitely checking it out, it looks like my kind of show that sparked my interest,” said sophomore Trevor Mann.