Where’s My Lettuce?

FDA recalls romaine, effects school lunches


Ben Porter

The cafeteria now only serves spinach because of the recent recall of romaine lettuce.


Recently, scientists  discovered a trace of the disease known as E. coli in romaine lettuce. Because of this, romaine lettuce has been removed from just about every place someone would expect to be able to purchase it. Grocery stores, food markets, and even school cafeterias have taken romaine lettuce off the shelves and trays around the U.S.

Hearing about the news of the bad lettuce,Klein ISD school cafeteria workers had to act fast.

“It was an order that came from my higher ups after hearing about the E. coli on the news, not from the school administration,” Klein High Cafeteria Manager Erica Dorsey said. “Someone came and checked our stock to make sure there was no romaine lettuce in our salad bar and other lunch lines. As of now we are only serving spinach.”

The effects of not having romaine lettuce has taken its toll on some students’ lunch at school, prompting some unexpected changes in meal time routines.

“I am outraged,” senior Trevor George said. “It has had a pretty big impact on my lunch. I went into the burger line, I get ketchup mayo and lettuce, specifically romaine lettuce. There was a loss of texture in the burger as well as fiber in my dietary intake. Quite frankly I’m scared for the future of romaine lettuce. I’d rather have E. coli than have no lettuce in my burger.”

But in some cases, the removal of the vegetable hasn’t affected some students at all.

“I bring my own salad or eat one of the school’s salads for lunch and to be honest I just tasted a minor difference because I have other food to eat for lunch besides salad,” senior Zach Peyton said.