Four Students Compete in State for Swim and Make Klein History


Courtesy of Ruby Duncan

Top three stand on the podium for medals and pictures. Seniors Jacob Powell and Caleb Duncan in first and second, respectively.

AnaBelle Elliott, Staff Writer


Recently four students competed in state for swim, three winning first place, making Klein history. Senior Caleb Duncan got first in 50 yard freestyle and second in the 100 yard freestyle.  Junior Charlotte Longbottom got first in 100 yard breaststroke, first in the 200 yard freestyle and third in the 400 yard. Senior Jacob Powell won first in the 100 yard freestyle.

Longbottom uses her acquaintances support as motivation to do her best.

“ I rely on the support from my teammates and my coaches and my parents,” Longbottom said.  “I have my playlist that I listen to everytime I swim.”

Duncan credits his success to God and is thankful for his opportunities.

“I just want to thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to compete at this level and celebrate with my second family,” Duncan said.  “I thank God for all the good and the bad this sport has brought me for the past 4 years. I will forever cherish these moments.”

Jordan Hennig, who also competed at state and who is going to swim in college at the University of Hawaii, focused on her team to swim fast.

“At state my [success strategy] was definitely swimming for my teammates the main thing running through my head was doing it for them, trying to go as fast as possible,” Hennig said.

Powell, who has gone to state for swim all four years of high school, says that swim was what he was good at so he pursued it.

“I was blessed to swim and that’s it,” Powell said.  “It’s what I was good at, so I went to practice everyday.”