Swim takes Competition by Storm

JV Swim and Dive go to District UIL


Alexander Tink

Swim JV dives off the block


Klein High’s junior varsity Swim and Dive team is nearing the end of their season. They recently had their district meets, Jan. 19 for Dive and Jan. 20 for Swim. They participated in events such as the 100-meter freestyle, 200-meter relay, 100-meter fly, as well as many others.
The students that are part of the team have many moments they take a lot of pride in. Many of the students put time and effort into becoming better than who they were before.
“I was very satisfied with myself because I ended up dropping five times on my 100 freestyle,” sophomore Rosabella Cabrera said. “I also improved by 20 milliseconds on my 53.”
Preparation for any kind of activity can prove to be very important to the performance of an individual. Swim and Dive is no exception to that idea. There are many different ways that student athletes prepare themselves for their competitions.
“[To prepare] I usually sleep and I play really loud music,” sophomore Winston Mueller said. “You know it’s typical stuff for me. Got to get in the mindset for it.”
The preparation that the players did was displayed at the recent district meet. At the meet, the students showed what they could do in the midst of competition. Despite not finishing in one of the top places, sophomore Emily Sheridan said she thinks the team did really well together.
“We’re really good at cheering each other on and that helps with everything,” Sheridan said. “So I feel like we did a really good job.”
Despite the girls finishing second to last and the boys finishing last, there were still other things the players could pride themselves on. Some of them had improved from their previous performances and some of them even left with medals. With swim season nearing its end, many players reflected on their season to figure out what their favorite thing about swim was.
“My favorite thing is being able to feel like the work that I’ve put into swimming has actually helped,” sophomore Lucas Dore said. “When I go to a meet and I feel that, all the practice I did is working. It’s a great feeling to see the results of your hard work.”