Introducing: Klein High

Eighth graders make their annual visit


Isabella DelRio

Students pitch their organization to interested eighth graders


With their impending ascension to high school looming over their heads, eighth graders from Krimmel, Strack, Doerre, and Kleb got to visit Klein High to learn more about their future school on Jan. 11, 12 and 13.
On Jan. 11, Krimmel, Strack and Doerre visited during third and fourth period, with Kleb doing the same on the 13th.
“[I’m most nervous about] meeting all the new people from different schools.” Ben Gaubert, eighth grader from Krimmel, said.
The eighth graders began in the auditorium, with a game of Family Feud from the Klein 5 ambassadors and a quick introduction to both the counselors and administration of Klein High from Principal Brandon Baker.
“[I’m most excited about] the freedom,.” Olivia Barret, eighth grader from Kleb, said. “Middle school is like, ‘get ready for high school, get ready for high school!’ and then high school is nothing.”
From there, the students were broken into two groups, and within the groups were broken into teams. One group would split into their teams to be taken on a tour led by Standleaders and National Honor Society members, while the other group would head to the gym, where they would discover a large showing of Klein High’s clubs and electives presented by students.
“I’m most excited to have better classes that are more what I want to do,” Jordan Jones, eighth grader from Doerre said. “Because in middle school, it’s more ‘these are the classes you have to do.’ But there’s a lot more to choose from.”
In the gym, the eighth graders wandered around and visited different tables they were interested in, such as football, Klein Drama, Black Student Union, and the Bearkadettes. Different tables had their own enticing sell for their interest, such as the Robotics club had a large robot throwing a ball, while Klein High Yearbook was showing off previous yearbooks.
“I’m planning on trying to do theater and fine arts type stuff so I can get into a good theater college and do theater whenever I’m an adult,” Jones said.
If the eighth graders weren’t in the gym, they were being led on a tour around the school by Standleaders and NHS members. They introduced students to the numbering system of the classrooms, and took them around to important places, such as the College and Career Center, the BRC and the different offices.
“We come from a small school,” Gaubert said. “And we’re coming to a school that’s three times bigger with people we don’t know.”
The eighth graders then reconvened in the auditorium for a final farewell from Baker before they were dismissed back to their respective schools.
“[I’m most excited about] the wide variety of options to choose from,” Eva Curtis, eighth grader from Kleb said. “And if you don’t really know, there’s so many different things you can try to figure out things that you like.”