HOSA Kats Take State


Courtesy of HOSA

HOSA Kats prepare for the area competition in February.


At academic competitions competitors put their heart into a competition and gave it everything they could to be the best they can be. The HOSA members demonstrated this at the recent HOSA Area competition, multiple teams from Klein were able to place second and secure a spot at the State Competition.

“I had to really study my textbook for the online testing because all of the answers that I need are in there,” senior Josie Vonk said.

There is a wide variety of competitions that HOSA members can compete in such as behavioral health and multiple awareness topics to cover. However, the two that excelled were tobacco awareness and behavioral health.

“My groupmates and I made an educational video on tobacco awareness to try and promote that our generation can become the first tobacco free generation if we just raise awareness and all play our part to help,” junior Arianna Meza said.

The online testing competition portion is a competitive place in Hosa competitions, but it is possible to do better then expected if their heart is into it.

“Last year I placed fourth in the online testing competition and I wasn’t expecting to do much better this year because only the top three are able to advance to state,” Vonk said. “Although I might have doubted myself, I came out and got second place and secured a spot at the state competition.”

The HOSA members are preparing for state in everyway they can. Most of their time is spent studying the textbook in order to learn what topic they are competing in. They want to learn everything they can to do the best they can.

“I want to learn the textbook cover to cover and backwards and forwards to really grasp everything in it, so I can hopefully get first at state, its going to be fun,” Vonk said.