Fine Arts Students Prepare Over Summer


Isabella Pedraza

Senior drum major Riley Moquin leads the band in their daily workout.

Weslie Griffin, Editor-In-Chief


Throughout the summer the halls of Klein have been filled with the sounds of trumpets, cellos, and power drills as fine arts students prepare for the upcoming year in rehearsals and workshops.

“We’ve just been on it,” drumline member Elora Edmonson said. “Drumline started our first freshman camp the week after school ended and we’ve been working hard ever since.”

Camps and summer rehearsals are no stranger to the marching band as, in addition to regular practice at home, the members of the marching band have been showing up for daily rehearsals at the school since July 29.

“It’s very important to practice during the summer,” senior drum major Carlos Pirela said. “It keeps your endurance in check and it and can improve your technique a lot. Summer is probably the best time to practice because you can focus on yourself and your fundamentals”

However, the band have not been the only ones working daily. Theater students have also been attending their own daily workshops at the school since late July. The workshops have served as a valuable time saver according to students.

“The workshops give people a chance to learn how to do their jobs so when the actual work comes around we don’t waste any time explaining things to them,” junior Harley Baustian said. “Without them we would have to spend more time showing people how to use tools when needed”

In addition to band and theater putting in work over the break, members of the orchestra spent their summer-time developing their skills in rehearsals and private lessons both inside and outside of school.

“Summer is the time for us to really focus on the details of our playing in hopes of making the upcoming school year better than the last,” senior cellist Genesis Peña said.

Choir officers also had their own meetings throughout the summer, where they planned social gatherings for the upcoming year and even filmed a video to welcome new members.

“Summer rehearsals are good because it gives those involved in a good idea of how the year is going to go,” senior choir member Camryn Cole said. “It’s a good introduction into whatever program you’re a part of at Klein”