Soccer kicks off season with wins


Preseason has finished and the soccer season has officially started last month for varsity boys and girls.

The boys played a tough game away in the Panthers home against Klein Oak where it was 0-0 until a goal was finally scored winning the game for the Bearkats. The winning goal was scored by senior Christian Barillas, making the final score 1-0.

“Since I’m a senior I’m taking this season very serious but at the same time I’m having fun playing with all of my friends,” Barillas said.

Barillas previously signed with St Edwards University and will continue to play soccer next year.

“And now that I signed with St Edwards, I am happy that I get to keep playing,” he said.

At the same time the girls defended their home against Klein Oak as well and won 3-0. Senior Paula Cerda scored two goals and senior Maddi Davis scored the third.

“We had a bunch of preseason games that didn’t go the way we wanted them to, but it was all working up to the Oak game, which I think was the best energy I’ve ever played with in my whole four years here,” Cerda said.

The team is very motivated especially when it comes to playing against one of their biggest rivals.

“As soon as we stepped on the field we knew that Oak was going to come out ready to play hard

and we were all prepared and ready to play even harder,” Cerda said.

For some of the seniors this is the last time they will be playing the sport and they intend to make this a good year.

“There are mixed emotions, it’s definitely the hardest one we are going to need to push through, but this year everyone is all in and focused and I think its good we all have that great mentality for this season,” Cerda said.

The team is working diligently to meet their goals for the new and for some last season, and they are anxious to continue this season as they want to achieve their goal.

“We are all working hard for the one goal because we always get to 2nd round and then end up losing in the last five minutes, and this year everyone is all in and focused and we all have that great mentality,” Cerda said