Fantastic Five Launches New Marvel Club


Photo courtesy of Irina Griffin

Senior and Marvel Club President Irina Griffin takes a selfie with Marvel Club’s new superhero gurus.


After two years of drafting ideas for a new club that brings together comic book and movie fans all over Klein, senior and die-hard superhero fan Irina Griffin founded Klein’s very first Marvel Club.
Griffin, along with seniors and fellow officers Olivia Hearne, Ava Orlandino, Sophie Cross, and Kate Hernandez spent weeks conferencing with the Klein faculty organizing the club, brainstorming activities to prepare for their first meeting on Sept. 8.
“We knew we wanted it to be fun,” Griffin said. “Not just us just sitting there and talking the whole time. We wanted it to be interactive, so we had to plan a bunch of activities. It took a good four months of planning.”
Over the course of a couple of weeks, their list of members grew quickly, causing the first meeting to house over 45 people, even people who had never seen the movies and wanted to learn more.
“I was so nervous, like nervous out of my mind,” Griffin said. “It was nice to see not only Marvel people who joined but also a lot of people who are friends with me, who wanted to come and support me and what I love the most.”
The officers noted that there will be occasional movie nights hosted in the LGI as well as traditional meetings held in room 265 every other Wednesday. The club’s first meeting consisted of officer introductions and a Marvel-themed game of Pictionary.
“I myself don’t know much about Marvel,” junior and club member Rachel Patterson said. “I was there to learn more about it, because I like some of the movies. I enjoyed learning more about it and seeing the funny [Pictionary] drawings.”
After two successful meetings and a movie night where the club played the film Captain America: The First Avenger, Griffin said the Marvel Club is continually growing its influence and hopes to gain even more new members.
“I could not stop smiling the rest of the day and leading up to it,” Griffin said. “I just hope everyone had a good time, but afterward, I felt like I was on cloud nine.”