Jazz Band and Choir take on All-Region Auditions


Allen Barchak

All-region Jazz Band musicians Brenin Coin, who is a 1st chair pianist 1st chair guitarist Josh Garrison, 5th chair tenor saxophonist Pheonix Alcera, and 2nd chair tenor saxophonist Rome Hatsushiba.


The crescendoing voices of a choir and the improv of a jazz band were the key to what six All-Region auditioners students did to get to where they are. Several Jazz Band and Choir students made All-Region through auditions that took place on Saturday, Sept. 18 at Magnolia High School. 

 Many that auditioned said they reaped the benefits of being confident leading up to them.

“I knew I was prepared, but it’s really hard to put yourself out there, especially when you know other people want your position and have prepared,” senior and First Chair Guitar Josh Garrison said. “Get the music as soon as you can, practice it and don’t put it off.” 

Practicing your instrument is dire to your success as a musician, whatever you may label your music endeavor as.

 “Learn changes and what the tunes are based off of and get comfortable with them”, he went on to say. Whether it be a mere hobby of yours or a reason to go to school, 1st Chair Pianist Brenin Coin said, 

“My musical aspirations would go towards a college education, but the times where I practice slowly to get that one part right contribute the most to my progress.” 

A common piece of advice amongst the region-makers was to get the music as early as you can and master the small parts you mess up on so you can master your form leading up to your audition. Senior Chorale and Chamber Choir member Eliza Novak auditioned for district choir as well.

“The nerve-wracking feeling before an audition quickly fades once you realize you’ve practiced your parts and know them better than the people listening and judging.” Novak said.

Remembering your proficiency at your audition is key to keeping a composed manner throughout it, especially if it’s one of your aspirations in life. 

In keeping your composed manner, self-awareness is considered important by some. 

“Once you get better and you know that you’ve messed up, you’ll get even better. Once you get to the next step, you’ll know the difference,” second chair Tenor Sax Rome Hatsushiba said.