Klein LIVE

News Anchor Returns to Alma Mater


Photo courtesy of @adamabc13 on Instagram

The Band, Bearkadettes, Cheer squad and standleaders pose with Winkler for a photo.


Different building, same school –  ABC13 news anchor and former bearkat, Adam Winkler returned to his alma mater Friday, August 12 where he was met with the smiling faces of the band, Bearkadettes, Standleaders and cheer team ready to display their school spirit live for the morning news.

As a part of ABC13’s back-to-school coverage, each news anchor or reporter returned to their former high school to report on a story. On Friday, it was Winkler’s turn. Though his main focus was on the newly appointed Chief of Klein Police, Marlon Runnels, each organization in attendance had their time to shine as the camera panned around the gym. 

“It was fun to show off what we’ve been working so hard on for the past two to three weeks,” senior Shelby Shively, a drum major for the band, said. 

As a graduate of 2000, Winkler may not have walked these exact halls, but he felt it was just as exciting to come back all the same. 

“It is so cool [returning to Klein],” Winkler said. “Obviously the building is different because I went to the old Klein High, and even though I didn’t walk these halls, being back is still nostalgic and makes me happy. I am where I am today because of the foundation laid by Klein High.”

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