HOSA Hosts Freshmen Ice Cream Social


Alyssa Jones

HOSA officers scoop ice cream for the freshmen


Each year, to welcome the freshmen class interested in joining, the officers and advisors of HOSA bring out gallons of ice cream and several different toppings and host a social. This year the annual Ice Cream Social was held on September 8, after school in a small section of the cafeteria. The officers and advisors of HOSA spent quite some time setting up the event to make it special for the freshmen.

“We’ve actually been planning since last May and we started getting the materials this week and we began fully planning in our August officer meeting and Ayesha [Abid] planned most of it,” Saba Alam, junior and membership officer, said.

Dozens of students attended the event. Students began lining up as the officers served them the ice cream. Soon after, once everyone had been served and the ice cream was all gone, officers split up and began to converse with the freshmen.

“My favorite part of the social so far is getting to talk to the officers, that’s definitely why I came here today,” freshman Marcus Hampu said.

It was during these discussions in which the freshmen could ask the leaders of the club their questions about the activities, benefits, and the fundamentals of HOSA. The officers took many questions and provided a myriad of answers.

“There’s a lot of different events we do,” senior Fagun Shah, treasurer, said. “We do volunteering events, we do social parties, such as the freshmen ice cream mixer, and we have a lot of these parties throughout the year, including a Halloween party, and a Christmas party.

After questions had been answered and the upper and lowerclassmen had been acquainted, HOSA officers revealed a surprise challenge. They chose five freshmen at random during the conversation period and they each had to pick Sour Patch Kids out of a bowl of whip cream using only their mouths. Officers and freshmen were all cheering the competitors on and freshman Elizabeth Young ended up winning and was able to pie Shah in the face.

“I’m very happy, it was really fun, and I’m very excited to join HOSA” Young said