Sophomore basketball almost undefeated


Photo by Anne Marie Houser

Sophomore Justin Moore shoots a free throw.


The Klein High sophomore boys’ basketball team was very close to an undefeated season. With a record of 21-2 , the only blemish the boys have is their loss to Westfield on Jan. 17 and Kingwood on Feb.4

“My players are doing a tremendous job in buying into my coaching philosophy, we play a high tempo style of basketball and on defense we play very aggressive,” said Head Coach Curtis Parks.

Parks said he has been recently studying up on a book called “Aggressive Offensive Sets: A Playbook for A High Scoring Offense” by Coach Keno Davis. The book is about a very similar type of coaching that Parks coaches his players like to achieve success. He believes that they have been doing a tremendous job playing into his coaching philosophy especially in this expansive district.

“[We are told] not to let our guard down, keep doing what we do, and win,” said wing  Jonathan Njock.

Njock said that even he has seen the improvements in his teammates. The boys practiced to their full capabilities to successfully finish the season with as many wins as possible. They always go to Subway for a bite to eat before a game. The team believes in their strong offense, but also makes sure their defense is just as aggressive as their offense.

Post player Reese Lehwald said that this season was different and the past year was “not as fun this season.”

Nothing surprised Lehwald this season. He said he knew they were going to be 21-2. But, he definitely thinks they should be undefeated, especially with a coach like Parks. He wants to make sure that the team doesn’t lose any more games.

Parks said  this season has been “tremendous”  not only for the players, but for the crowd and the viewers. Wing position Matt Lattin said he has three words that can sum up the last few months.

“Together, amazing, and hardworking.”