A Legacy in the Making: 50 Years of Coaching


Kamryn See

Head Coach Glenn Arnold gives an acceptance speech after receiving his honor.

Camryn Cole, Staff Writer


Coach Glenn Arnold was honored at the varsity basketball game Feb 14 for 50 years of coaching high school student-athletes, making a lasting impact on his players.

“My high school coach was like my second father, I have a lot of respect for him.” Arnold said. “I thought following in his footsteps would be a good way to go.”

Arnold has been coaching young athletes at Klein High School for 26 years, making connections with all of his players.

“Coach Arnold is a great coach and a great person,” senior Tyson Thompson said. “He’s made me realize that you’re going to mess up, but you just need to take the learning experience and get better from it.”

Klein’s basketball season has been successful, with the team finishing the general season as the district champions.

“Our team works really hard and we have a lot of chemistry,” senior David Peak said. “Those are some of the reasons why we’ve done so well this season.”

The win against Klein Forest was the turning point in Klein’s basketball season.

“They were our only loss during the first round of district,” Thompson said. “We wanted to win for Coach Arnold and the school.”

On his 50th anniversary of coaching, Arnold was surprised with his alumni players at the game on Valentine’s day.

“Everyone that came back was a bunch of good guys. They were hard workers and very coachable,” Arnold said. “I was so appreciative of them visiting, it was very nice.”

Arnold aims to teach his players not only basketball, but life skills as well.

“Basketball is like any other sport, there are wins and losses,” Arnold said. “To me the most important thing is preparing these young men for life. If you get knocked down, you’ve got to get back up and keep going. That’s similar to how real life is, not everything is going to work out for you, but you’ve got to pick up and continue on.”

Arnold plans to continue educating his young athletes during his time at Klein High School and is thankful for all of the people who have contributed to the basketball program.

“I am grateful for the administration, the supportive parents, and players who are respectful,” Arnold said. “When I retire, there will probably be a hundred applicants for the job. This is a good quality school and I’m very proud of it.”