Klein Basketball Team Places First in District


Kali Vance

The varsity basketball team plays against Klein Cain and brings home a win.


To start up their 2022 district season, The varsity boy’s basketball team made a strong start defeating opponents 6-1.

 Klein was recently tied with Tomball Memorial for first place in districts, until they recently beat Tomball Memorial 52-43. With all of the confidence and success that they have right now, Klein is expected to have a season filled with loads of talent and experience. 

“One game that stood out to us was the Klein Forest game,” senior and point guard Joe Gonzales said. “Although they can be a tough team, we came together and put in the work to beat them. The Klein Forest game was the best we have played together and it really gave us the confidence to go out there every game day and show everyone what we can really do.”

Additionally, senior and point guard Aaron Cooper has known Gonzales since they attended middle school together. The duo uses their friendship as an advantage and they both play a huge role in Klein’s success on the court.

We have grown closer this season and that translates to the trust on the court. From tournament games to practice, I feel that it has prepared us to play really solid in district games,” Cooper said. 

Klein’s starters and bench players mutually prevail to bring home a win for every game. Players like senior and point guard Tahir Khan come off the bench and help to keep Klein on track to rack in points.

 “There’s no better feeling than to go out every night and compete with my brothers,” Khan said.

Most of Klein’s team consists of seniors, like shooting guard Hayden Smith, who is famous for scoring consistent 3-pointers and helping Klein dominate their opponent.

“My role on the team has always been to hit shots from the outside,” Smith said. “It helps spread the defense out and gets everyone going when I hit a couple a game. As long as we all play our roles we shouldn’t have a problem coming out as #1.”

With players like Smith on the court, this year’s games have been filled with cheering crowds and a team excited for the rest of the season.

“This year has been great,” Smith said. “We’ve established ourselves as first in the district and I couldn’t be happier. Just have to finish it out on top.”